This area of my site contains work I've created from my own ideas - usually in my downtime. All of them are made with footage from other commercials, films, or stock in order to tell an original story. None of it is commissioned officially by any of the brands within the work, nor is any of the music properly licensed. These are just ideas I had and needed to execute editorially.


A while back I was in the market for a new car. I was looking into Tesla and its history and started to see an inspiring story. 

After cutting this together and tweeting it out, it picked up steam and eventually made it up to Elon Musk, who endorsed it subtly with a retweet to his 22 million followers.

Tesla does not officially produce any ads or have an ad budget, but if they ever did I'd love to be there to help.


This piece has a long and interesting story to it. I cut this together early September 2017. It saw many versions, and almost became a reality. I wanted to tell a story of someone struggling with love - a car/woman concept usually reserved for foreign luxury sports cars, and open up Dodge's Challenger Demon muscle car to an unexpected poetic side.


This idea came to mind for one brand in particular, but as I progressed it evolved more broadly. I wanted to go into the wild and illustrate unpolished hard work and grit.


I got this idea while driving down the highway and seeing one of "those" bumper stickers.


I learned from working with 360 video that it's capable of a lot of fun things when put inside of a regular 2D wrapper. Capturing the whole spherical view allows you to bend and twist and spin around your setting. I thought it would be fun to explore those possibilites and it seemed to tie in well with Jeep's branding.


I'd like to meet the brand that wants to produce an ad like this. Inspired by an old love for heavy music and whiskey.